Minimum Donation: $220


Meet Ava, she’s a fluffy Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix. She was found on the side of the road covered in mud, fleas, and ticks. Ava is a loving pup who wants nothing more than to be loved by her new family. She can spend most of her day laying around, chewing on toys, napping in dark corners, but when you want to play with her, she’ll get a boost of puppy energy racing around.

When she sees the leash, she knows it’s time to go outside. She jumps up and down when she's super excited. She hasn’t had an major accident and does well in the car but, can get scared of cars driving by and loud sounds. She still has all her puppy teeth and loves to chew on bones and toys. Ava is slowly learning the word "sit" when you show her a treat and she is great in the crate.

So far Ava has been low maintenance, mellow, and easy going. She is affectionate and responsive, likes to be around people. Ava has been with us for a just a few weeks and everyone who meets her falls in love. She’s looking for a loving home that can handle the her shedding, a place to flop around, and most of all her adult size!


Age: 10-12 weeks (as of August 1st)
Looks Like: Pyrenees/Anatolian Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids Good with all Children
Est. Adult Weight: 75-100 lbs