Caramel Macchiato

Minimum Donation: $190


Hi all- I am Caramel Macchiato and just like my name I am a sweet treat! I LOVE to play with other dogs and even don't mind the cats that live in the house either. Sometimes I try to play with them but my efforts usually get me swatted so I back off.

I am crate trained and sleep well through the night and I am doing pretty good on my potty training as long as my foster mom remembers to offer me outside time enough. I stayed with some "friends" for a couple of weeks and they said I was a natural at the doggy door and didn't need any reminders then of when to go potty.

I am very very focused on other dogs around me because I just love them so much. I love playing with them, cuddling with them and just being near them. My foster mom even thinks I might prefer them to humans!

I am very cautious of new people and prefer to be able to approach people myself instead of them coming to me. I am also not quite sure what to think of little kids or loud kids- they scare me and I try to go somewhere I feel safe and just observe them from a distance.

Because I do like other playful dogs so much, I would love to be in a home with a canine brother or two so I can play with them all the time but I am willing to consider a home without another canine as long as everything else lines up just right for me.

Wanna learn more about me? Submit an application today so we can chat!


Age: 10 months old
Looks Like: Doxie/Miniature Pincher Mix
Gender: Female
Available for Adoption NOW
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 10
Est. Adult Weight: 14-18 lbs