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Sweet little Lydia found herself left behind at a local shelter after her brother got adopted.Luckily, we were able to scoop her up and get her into one of our foster homes.

Lydia has one of the most beautiful markings we have seen. She is mostly a sable color with a white belly and legs but she also has this mask of blue gray that brings out her hazel eyes.

But enough about her looks, this puppy ( and she still is a PUPPY) is very social and playful. She currently lives with two other dogs and 4 cats. In her playtime, she is in the backyard running zoomies in a figure eight around the yard with her big sisters.

Lydia can sit and she loves to play fetch ( yes, she brings you the ball back!)

She likes squeaky toys and any sort of strong chew toy because she is still teething. Lydia is also crate trained and spends her downtime happily in her crate.

Because she is a puppy, she will need basic training. She is still not used to leash walking but would make a great wallking, trail running buddy.

She does live with 4 cats and that can be managed but she will need some work living harmoniously with them. She just wants to play with them like a dog.


Age: 4 months old
Looks Like: Boxer Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 10
Est. Adult Weight: 50 lbs