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What's up Austin?!?

Name's Morgan. The crazy lady that feeds me and requires I give her kisses every day told me I needed to tell you folks a little about me. Well, I'm a small pit, crazy lady calls me a pocket pittie. I enjoy spending time in my crate, and never want to get it dirty so I know how to hold things until I can go outside. I'm not going to have an accident in the house either as I don't want the crazy lady to have to clean up after me. I'm super chill when I need to be, but I'd love to have a companion to play with as I do have energy to kill and I'd rather have fun doing it. I love going for walks and runs, but I'm not really a fan of the leash so I pull on it a lot. She is working with me not to pull so much, but I just laugh at her. HAHA.. I'm super excited about finding the perfect home that will love on me and take care of me. I've had a rough couple of weeks, and I'm ready for the good life. I hope my new family comes along soon and I can really get to living life to the fullest! Crazy lady told me to have you complete an adoption application and they will get you in contact with her to meet me. I just can't wait to meet you! Talk with you soon! And I promise face kisses during our visit!



Age: 1 year old
Looks Like: American Pit Bull Terrier
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Cats: No
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 40 lbs