Minimum Donation: $190


Meet Corbin!

Corbin is "best bud" material for sure! Kinda a great all around dog who loves to charm with his dark, soulful eyes and expert snuggling abilities.

Corbin is looking to share his life with an active human. He'd like someone who prefers to fill their free time doing stuff like jogging, going to the lake (Corbin loves water), or maybe getting out of the city and hiking the cool trails and sleeping under the stars.

After a reasonable expenditure of energy (remember, he's a young dog) Corbin loves to snuggle up and watch a movie or take a cat nap. He is an AWESOME bed buddy who curls up with you and doesn't hardly move a muscle all night long!

Corbin would enjoy having a new doggie brother or sister but he'd like even more to be your best buddy, your Numero Uno, The Man. He enjoys rough housing with other dogs but his play is often too rough and tumble for many dogs so finding the right playmate match will be important.

Corbin is very smart and has already started learning some basic commands such as sit, down and leave it. A smart brain like his will need to be challenged and he would love to continue training with his new person! (ADR will sponsor Corbin and his new person to attend a six week obedience course through Training by Tara upon adoption!)

Corbin is crate trained, house trained, and an easy guy to love. Corbin is also still a little bit diamond in the rough and is looking for a human who understands his awesome mix of energy and intelligence coupled with a sensitive spirit.

A few things to know about Corbin... while he won't jump a 3' tall baby gate he can easily climb a 6' wooden fence! So a home with a metal fence (chain link, pipe fence, etc) would be best.

Corbin would also do best in a home with kids over twelve. He can get excited and might easily bump young kids around. He also seems a little nervous around toddlers. Hence we feel an adult only or family with teenagers would be best.

If you think you might be Corbin's guy or gal or family please submit an application today!


Age: 2 years old
Looks Like: Lab/Pit Bull Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Male
Cats: No
Good with Kids Children over 13
Est. Adult Weight: 55 lbs