Minimum Donation: $190


If Mia were a character from fiction, she'd be Aunt Beast from A Wrinkle in Time. All she wants is to lean into people, gaze lovingly into their eyes, and receive pets and hugs. (She's a world-class receiver of hugs.)

Mia loves every person and every dog she's met. She can get a little excited on meeting new dogs, but it's all in the name of making friends. She especially, especially loves kids, but while she is very gentle and tolerant with them, small kids might get bumped over due to her size (or more of a face-washing than they care for).

Cats, on the other hand, she has a keen interest in chasing, and it would likely require quite a bit of acclimitization before she could live in peace with any cat that has a tendency to run.

She is well-behaved, solidly house-trained, and hasn't shown any bad habits when left alone in the house. (Though, if a tasty morsel is left on the counter, she might take it. Who can blame her, when it's sitting right at nose-height!) Mia doesn't require a ton of exercise, but she does enjoy short walks and is easy to walk on leash (sometimes showing a little excitement on seeing people or animals, but nothing that isn't easy to manage).

Sweet-tempered, affectionate, easy-going, soft and gentle. Mia makes every room more cozy just by being curled up in it. She's a very special girl, and will be a perfect companion for the right person.


Age: 4 years old
Looks Like: Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard Mix
Available for Adoption January 15th, 2018
Gender: Female
Cats: No
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 85 lbs